If I’m going start a formal blog I might as well introduce myself. A lot of people don’t know me for who I truly am. I choose what I only want to show, that goes for most people. I write most of the time, it’s what I adore doing. I pour. It’s what gives me ease of the mind. While not showing some of the few who I truly am. I think writing would be a great way to give some of their unanswered thoughts about me.

Bonjour! I’m Danielle. It’ read as dane yell, that’s why some call me Dane. I’m a Filipino and I apologize if there might be some grammar errors in my writing. I’m a college student, currently studying my chosen course, which is Marketing. I’m an everyday struggling Christian, just trying to make it out of this wretched world every single day. I love many things, I do many things. What I both love and do is eat and travel. I’m always head over heels for good food, the same goes for travelling. I like almost everything that’s old. Old music, old fashion, old tradition. I’m also part realist and a romantic, yes. I believe in letters, grand gestures and such. I live for the thrill of life. I’m not your chic party goer, no. I hate parties, even more socially selective. I like adventure, and everyday is. I just sometimes find ways to make it more of something.

Now, I may not be able to tell you every bit of me. I think my subsequent posts will do that job for me.

I believe, there will never be a best way to know a person, than to know his thoughts, and knowing someone’s thoughts means going through their writing.

It would be a pleasure if you’d swim around mine. I hope you’d have fun knowing me. Well, I hope to know you well also.

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