Japan Fever at Ramen-Yah!

Three years ago the Ramen craze was introduced to the locals of Iligan City. For those who were behind all the cooking, it was merely a hobby, a yearning for a taste of home. While for their friends, whom they considered food critiques, thought it was something worth sharing.








As the owners were jam-packed with love for the Japanese taste, hence, the birth of Ramen-Yah. From serving ramen noodles alone, no sooner did it find its way to making a variety of Japanese food. This led the restaurant into giving convenience and satisfaction for those fans of such cuisine. Even for those who dare explore the foreign menu.

I learned some practical stuff from my visit. Things that I consider reasons to why I will be dining more often in Ramen Yah. I learned that they make their own noodles. It is good to know that I am guaranteed to have fresh hot ramen every time. They also serve chicken charsiu for the No Pork Ramen and cater specific requests on orders.

A day filled with an opportunity of knowing Japanese food made me appreciate their culture more. I was able to taste what was some of the well-known and basic dishes of Japanese cuisine. I say, it will be a pleasure sharing with you a portion of my experience with every single dish. I believe it is all worth the tell.

The scrumptious Karaage tasted similar to our local lechon. The coconut shoots were sweet and crunchy, like a new twist from the usual bamboo shoot. The Tantanmen, not the typical spicy ramen noodle, is meant to be eaten while still hot so to not let the noodles absorb the spicy tare. But even with its spice, you cannot deny the good sweet and spicy flavor. The Gyudon was unforgettable. I was hooked by the flavorful beef strips covered in tonkatsu sauce. It was the best rice topping I have had so far. The Karaage Bento was the perfect compleat meal. It went with a fresh veggie salad for appetizer, some whole chicken balls, and a sweet tomago for dessert. The juicy Gyoza, went well with the other dishes. The California Maki was a bite of surprise. Paired with a pinch of wasabi, sure was a good way to add up the spice.

Fortunately, food is better when experienced. I have never had that much Japanese food in one day but every bite was unforgettable. There is a lot in store than these six dishes I have shared with you. The food will surprise you more. There’s so much taste to explore so, Chop! Chop! Let us not make the foodie in you wait.



Photography: Dane Legaspi

BTS Associates: Nathan Patdu and Hubert Allere


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