Study & Chill 24/7 at The Librewry Cafe

I stepped inside The Librewry Cafe and it came to me that —

‘I’ve never been to a place this quiet.. and cozy.’


The library was packed with people when I came to visit. Mostly were studying, some were working and relaxing (sleeping, yes). TLC (The Librewry Cafe) has five sets of book shelves. Three giant shelves beside the wall, one between study tables, and another near the counter.


They have this huge sofa where at least three people can fit. They also have enough space for a carpet/sleeping mat surrounded with pillows where snoozing is allowed.

I only heard whispering during my humble stay to be honest. I had to walk with my feet slowly since the footstep sounds were already loud. The people were so silent I whispered too when I talk.



TLC is a library that brews.

Users get to order coffee and food at the counter. Orders are then delivered to your study tables after. 3-in-1 coffees are for free too. Upstairs they have two rows of cubicles lined up for users who prefer to have more personal space. Each of the cubicles is also given an overhead compartment for personal belongings, outlets for charging, and a good amount of light.


While some head over to TLC to study and read, some stay to work. I hear that there are a lot of regulars who consider TLC as their usual working space. Here is  one for example.


TLC is the perfect place to (literally) chill. Overtime if you have made frequent visits, you get more conscious not only to self but also towards the people around you. You get to be more sensitive and considerate with fellow strangers who also share the same feeling.


The Librewry Cafe might be every bookworm’s happy place in the city. Not to mention they are open for 24 hours. If this were in Iligan, I would be spending a lot of time at this kind of place.


  1. They encourage customers to pin post their thoughts on their billboard. I’ve read some and there were shares of struggle, love, motivation, verses, and a whole lot more. Read one, it might bring a smile on your face.


2. They put out signs and reminders and then associate it with hugots.

The term “hugot” is a Filipino word which means to draw or to pull out. The usage of the hashtag#hugot” became popular not so long ago and is usually used along with song lyrics, a quote, etc. that the person tweeting relates to; “#hugot” means the accompanying words draw emotions out of him/her.

3. The Librewry Cafe is encouraging their customers to join their movement. It’s called PAY IT FORWARD MOVEMENT and it’s for a good cause.

For example, for every food order placed you add Php 30.00 and TLC will give 1 meal to their chosen beneficiary. Their chosen beneficiaries for the month of October are the students of the Xavier University’s night school program for the out of school youth & street children. They will be serving food and drinks after every session on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

As their way of saying thank you for your participation, they will give you 3 hours free pass = 10 times doing the deed and so on.

Check more info here:

4. Just in case you missed this part, they are open for 24 hours.

Q U I C K   M E N U

Download the menu here.

H O  W  T O  G E T  T H E R E

  1. I honestly don’t know how. But look here for a satelite view.
  2. Look for a glass door that has a giant owl on it. TLC is located beside a cafe too and infront of a bank.
  3. If you’re not familiar with Cagayan de Oro, you can ride a taxi.

Other reference:

Laus Deo

The Librewry Cafe

Casa Azzuri Building, Velez St.,
Cagayan de Oro City 9000

Visit The Librewry Cafe: Facebook & Instagram


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    1. It is nice! Wish we had this in Iligan soon but I heard there’s a similar shop like this upcoming. I’ve been to the place twice lang. I think only a few visit in morning. 🙂

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