9 Manila Destinations in 3 Days

Now at home writing this and my head still hurts from all the travelling. I was in Manila last February 25-27, I stayed in Hotel 101, Pasay City. Actually, I was still there on the 28th since I had to re-book due to my being late for my flight *cries*.

I’m making sure I have to write ASAP while my memories’ fresh. 3 days was such a rush but I’m happy I got to experience Manila enough.

Here are my 9 Manila destinations:

1. Intramuros

What is a trip to Manila without Intramuros, right? This was a happy place for me. I’m the type that’s into everything classic. I once visited Intramuros year 2011, I was not into photography back then. So for my second visit, I made sure to capture moments and my Fujifilm X-T10 did an amazing job with the colors.

Intramuros is the oldest district and historic core of Manila. It’s filled with old houses and churches, artifacts even. If you love anything historic, head over here.

UPDATE: Link to blog here.

Outside wall of San Agustin Church. Dress: Sestra Fashion (LC Wakiki)
Travel buddies with a (surprisingly) Visayan guard from Intramuros

2. Binondo District

The Binondo district in Manila is known as the world’s oldest Chinatown established in 1594. It was a home for Chinese commerce even up to today.

Food trips are best when in Binondo. In fact, there’s a thing called Binondo Food Crawl. It’s a guide list of all food finds in Binondo. Unfortunately, I was only able to visit two.

We’re often brought with Eng Bee Tin‘s merchandise whenever friends or relatives from Manila visit home. Being a fan of their hopias, I wanted to see the shop for myself. It was jam packed with tourists and locals. Their best-sellers are the ube and monggo hopia. Aside from hopias, they also have varieties of tikoy, ampao, drinks, and others.


We had a hard time finding this place as it was hidden in the busy streets of Yuchengco, Binondo. We arrived at closing time but was fortunate that a staff offered to open during closing hours.

Dong Bei Dumplings is a well-known dumpling house in Binondo. They make the dumplings from scratch right in front of you. They are best known for their Kuchay and Pork Dumplings so we ordered a platter of each. Each dish went with 12 pieces of dumplings for only P150. We added a platter of their fried rice for P90 (delicious btw!) and tried their bottled sweet tea for P40. Everything at Dong Bei is affordable and yummeh!

Facebook Page: Dong Bei Dumplings

Kuchay Dumplings at P150 for 12 pieces

3. Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale’s vibe is similar to Cebu’s Sugbo Mercado. Stalls of food start-ups are lined up for you to discover. I circled the whole lot but there wasn’t much that caught my attention. Most of the displays were for sugba only. Although, there were a lot of good food (we tried a few), it still left us comparing to Sugbo Mercado’s innovative foodtrepreneurs.

Facebook Page: Mercato Centrale


4. Manila Bay

If you’re looking for baluts and chicharons, Manila Bay is the place to be. The view is great, though, I was told it could have been better at sunset. The ambience, meh. I admit it needs to get a regular clean-up. But hey, cheap food right?


5. Makati & Its Subways

From 10PM to 12AM we spent circling the Makati Subways. Here you’ll find wall arts! Photos are best taken during late nights for a lesser crowd. Just take caution since not many guards roam around the area.

Polo from Sestra Fashion (H&M)


6. L’Opera Italian Ristorante

L’Opera is known for being one of the top restaurants in Bonifacio Global City. They serve authentic Italian cuisine headed by the talented chef, Luciano Paolo Nesi. The ambience was classy, the food was great. Their pasta is the best I’ve ever tasted, I must say. The food price range would be P350 and above. If you’d like a dinner for two you could budget for about P3,000.

Facebook Page: L’Opera Italian Ristorante


7. Buendia Food by The Court

If you have been to Iligan City’s The Strip, the place is somewhat similar. Only that Buendia is much more classy and there’s a more variety to food. Back at where I’m posing is actually a basketball court. You can enjoy watching the games while getting your food from stalls lined up the area.

PS: they have fish bowls for juice containers

Facebook Page: Buendia Food by The Court


8. Mall of Asia Arena

Walang sagot sa tanong kung bakit ka mahalaga.

Madworld was the sole reason I went to Manila. It’s a convention hosted by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association with a number of great speakers featured. Part of the program was a performance by the band, SUD.


9. Manila Ocean Park

This right here was unforgettable. Wish I could have tried everything MOP had to offer but time was my greatest enemy. There was so much left to see and experience.

If you’re looking to visit Manila Ocean Park, give it a day’s tour enough to discover every inch of MOP! The sharks are waiting for you.

UPDATE: Link to blog here.

Facebook Page: Manila Ocean Park

[Manila Ocean Park’s Living  Ocean] Polo from Sestra Fashion (Calvin Klein)

There you go! It’s just a little overview to give you a sneak peek but I will be writing a more detailed blog for some of the places I mentioned. Be sure to keep updated! Hope to see you on the next blog post!

Visited any of the places above? Got questions? Write comments below, I’d be happy to hear them!


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