Food Finds in Buendia Food by The Court

If you want to explore your sense of taste, include Buendia, Makati of “places to be” on your list.

Buendia Food By The Court or BFBTC is a food park occupied with “foodtrepreneurs” to please tummies. The place promotes a few different cuisines from around the world. From Turkish, Japanese, Mexican, Filipino, you name it.


Upon my trip to Manila last February, a friend of mine recommended BFBTC to visit. (Thanks, Nap!) He knew I was a sucker for food. So he sent me a picture of the place which instantly reminded me of Iligan City’s The Strip. But while The Strip only leaves us with a barbecue house and a bar to check out a ball game, BFBTC has a whole place filled with food stalls for you to enjoy both the food, drinks, and the game.


BFBTC is conveniently located just along the highway. The area has an adequate space for parking. They say their parking area mural is now becoming a Makati City attraction which was made by a local group called ARTYFLOW RZL GRP.


Fresh juice in fish bowls! Because cups are too mainstream they say.

It took us 15 minutes tops to get this drink just because the line was loooong. But I like how creative the people behind BFBTC think.


The food, I enjoyed a lot. My friends and I decided to order from different kiosks so we could share and get a hint of what BFBTC had to offer. I ordered a special Shawarma from Jack’s Joint and a healthy drink from Brothers’ Blends. The rest, unfortunately, I was not able to take note.


Though, I remember a particular dish from Burgers Meet Wings also known as BMW. I love a delicious Texas barbecue sauce and also love chicken wings. I tried figuring out what was in their chicken. I set aside the BBQ sauce and while it was not the “heaven” kind of good, I still couldn’t stop eating it. Swear, I could have munched a whole bucket myself. Basta yun na yun, the chicken wings, bow.


I like the place. Aside from the fact that the lighting upped the food gramming game, I found the ambiance okay. But I do hope they do something about the center food court. With all the customers lined up for kiosks the place gets crowded.

Nonetheless, for the final verdict: The place and the food, I’d give them both a 7/10. Except for the chicken. The chicken was the bomb.


I’m a marketing student and I always admire those who bring innovation to the table, especially when it comes to food. BFBTC reminded me of my weekend bliss at Sugbo Mercado. The food was screaming creativity.

I would definitely recommend Buendia Food By The Court. This would make the most of your family, date, or barkada night!


Laus Deo

Buendia Food By The Court

Sen. G. Puyat Avenue Cor. Bautista & Finlandia Street
Makati, Philippines

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