5 Reasons Why This Is My Kind of Café

It seems like I can not help but appreciate my previous visit from another blog find. I have been to a few cafés (slash) working spaces and this one, I particularly like.


“Drink your coffee. There is work to be done.”

— Says Coffee Quarters of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Coffee Quarters is more than just a place for coffee lovers, it’s also a place for workaholics. Most working spaces tend to look more professional but CQ gives it a little twist. The place is made a bit modern yet still is classy.


I’ve listed 5 reasons why I like Coffee Quarters. I hope this will help a lot!

  1. The interior is minimal and clean.

    The shade of the place matters and Coffee Quarters is just on point. It’s a good thing for people to consider good ambiance when they’re looking to enjoy coffee or especially to study.DSCF9596

  2. There is a separate room for those who work and for those who drink.

    For those who drink, comfy chairs are found in the coffee shop at the ground floor. You’ll find yummy pastries and a variety of coffee to choose.

    The working space is found upstairs. They call it “The New Office” and I like the office look. Locker rooms are available for rent and a corner where you can fix your coffee and other complimentary drinks.


  3.  Plugging devices are for free.

    A lot of coffee shops charge a few per hour of charging and it’s becoming a habit now when you go to cafés. In Coffee Quarters, you don’t have to worry about adding that up to your bill.DSCF9656DSCF9589

  4. The coffee and frappes are yummy!

    I’ll leave that for you to discover. But between you and me, they do make delicious matcha drinks. Just about right with the sweetness and creaminess.
  5. Best chocolate chip cookie, EVER.

    If you have read a few of my blogs then you would know that every time I visit a place where there’s food, I always have that one “the bomb” pick.

    Coffee Quarters’ chocolate chip cookie is the bomb. Just thinking about it makes me drool. When I come by CDeO I always crave for CQ’s chocolate chips. The cookies are so soft and the chocolate chips are the best.

    No joke, Coffee Quarters has the best chocolate chips I have ever tasted.

    You should try pairing it with a warm drink. CQ also has fixes for you to choose. These come with regular combinations of favorite drinks and pastries.

    1. Coffee Quarters has a conference room for rent and the price you pay is even consumable. You can contact them for more info on this.

    2. Everything you see at Coffee Quarters, the design and the concept, it’s all a collection of inspiration from the owners’ travels around the world. Neat, right?

    Coffee Quarters
    Corrales Ave., Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
    Hours: 8:00AM-11:00PM
    0917 724 9887
    Facebook | Instagram

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