Knowing Italy in L’Opera

The minute I stepped inside the restaurant, it felt like I was in a completely different place. I quickly forgot about Manila, its tall buildings and busy streets.

L’Opera Ristorante seemed and felt homey. A dramatic ray of light shone over the other side of the room and wines were almost seen at every corner. I knew it was  a place where you can eat great food with comfort.


L’Opera was founded by Chef Luciano Paolo Nesi, a native of Tuscany, Italy. Meeting him, I can say, was the second best thing about my short visit in Manila.  He was so kind and humble. I was introduced to his beautiful wife, along with the restaurant staff whom they treat as family. We spent almost two (2) hours talking about his life and what it was like in Tuscany. I marveled to every word he said. Back then, I thought I knew a thing or two about Italian food since I’m certain that I am a solid pasta fanatic, but the joke was on me.


He talked about his mother, how she cooked with heart and made sure every dish she made screamed Italy. He mentioned stories of his childhood, how up till now he can still remember the taste and smell of his mother’s cooking— that it was her who inspired him to cook. But what amazed me most was the way he described how authentic Italian food must taste like. An Italian dish always goes through a thorough process. It’s a lot more complex than I imagined.


Now, before you continue reading. I apologize if I’m not able to bring my inner “food photographer” in the photos. We talked while I was taking pictures and everyone was waiting for me to finish shooting so we can eat. So the pressure was real.

Calamarata  Salcisse e Funghi Boscaiola

It’s a tube pasta with Italian sausage and mushroom in light tomato sauce. I liked the taste, there was a hint of sourness enough to blend with the overall sweet taste of the pasta.

Tajerin 30 tourli alla chitarra di porcini or Tartufo

This is homemade pasta with 30 pieces egg yolk/kilo in a choice of porcini mushroom sauce or truffle sauce. This is super creamy and also heavy for the tummy.

Ravioli all’aragosta

In L’Opera I found another dish TDF (To Die For).

The Ravioli all’aragosta is made with L’Opera’s  homemade lobster and DSCF9993shrimp- filled ravioli in a cream sauce. The pasta, according to chef, resembles the color of the Italy flag. The three pastas were lovely! Among them, the Ravioli all’aragosta is the bomb for me.

The Panna Cotta Con Miele is made of L’Opera’s famous Italian cream custard with walnuts and honey, while the Tiramisu is made of their famous Italian mascarpone cheese cake. I love the two desserts. Thanks to L’Opera’s pretty dessert chef!

There you have it! All but love for everything I have learned and discovered at L’Opera. I taught Chef Paolo the bisaya word for “masarap“, I told him it’s “lami” in bisaya, which I kept on mumbling every time he introduced me to a new dish.

Actually, there is still a lot left worth sharing but I’ll leave the rest to you. Although, I have not tried any of the wines they are offering, I DSCF9995would gladly hear your thoughts about this.

Knowing L’Opera made my visit to Manila more worthwhile. It has earned my respect for Italian food and all the passionate chef’s every where. Grazie mille, L’Opera, until next time!


  1. Chef Paolo Nesi is not only a chef but also a certified sommelier and educator.
  2. You might wanna bring extra cash when you dine here, it’s pricey (but worth it).
  3. L’opera Ristorante has been awarded by the “Ospitalita’ Italiana – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo”. It is a worldwide project by the Italian Republic’s institution Unioncamere.

  4. They are known for having the best wines. You should try.

  5. Here is a good place for a fancy date.

Laus Deo

L’Opera Ristorante

Visit them: Facebook

The Fort Entertainment Complex 26th cor. 7th Ave.

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Manila

Store Hours: 11:00AM – 10:30PM

+63 2 889 3963

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  1. Inspired to try new dishes aside from Filipino foods na hahaha. I have never tried any Italian food before kaya this blog great for people like me. 😄

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