Why The Traveloka App Is My Key To Budget Travel

You’re reading this for two reasons, either you are planning to travel on a budget or you’d like to get info about Traveloka, just in case.

I started using Traveloka back in February 2017. Since then, every flight and hotel I book, I head to the app. I visited Cagayan de Oro a month ago and I used the Traveloka App to book a hotel. I recently flew to Manila and again, used Traveloka App to book. To be honest, I have not used another booking app ever since.

I’ll get straight to the point then.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose the Traveloka App when traveling on budget:

1. You can save more using In-App purchases

Download the Traveloka App, log in as a member and get more savings. The prices featured in the app are cheaper than those found on the website. I did some comparingand a lot of hotel and flight offers in the app does let you save at least P20 and above. It’s not much but when you are on a budget, every peso counts, especially when you’re group booking.


2. Get Alerts for Airfare Price Changes

The Price Alerts tab is found at the app’s home page. You can turn them on by adding flight or hotel information such as the destination, date, and such. This would let the app alert you of price discounts coming your way.  That means you won’t have to constantly check for discounts all the time.

3. Flight discounts are up (almost) EVERY DAY

I reckon only very few booking sites offer huge discounts for both flight and hotel. For the flight destinations, they have international and domestic. For the hotels, they feature from the cheapest to the best.

One of the few reasons why I like Traveloka is that every time I open the app, the “Promos” tab is always on highlight.

Recently, I got a round trip flight (Cagayan de Oro-Manila) for only P1,543, for both originating and returning.

Yes, you read that right. Traveloka featured a 30% off discount for flights, it was very “sulit” since I got P800 off. That helped me save a lot.


I will be flying this July and now I have less reasons to worry about my budget since the Traveloka App has been a great help.

So there you go. Hope I helped you for your next budget trip! Download the Traveloka App and don’t forget to turn on your price alerts so you won’t miss any huge discounts! Happy traveling 😉

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I’ll be glad to answer your questions or hear any feedback. Post them on the comment section!

Laus Deo

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  1. I actually downloaded this when you shared it for the first time before (I believe it was 2-3 months ago) and I saved almost 2k on my flights last March! This app is a lifesaver! ❤️

  2. This is really convenient especially for on-the-budget travelers. After I read it on your blog I immediately checked it. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. I personally downloaded the app(after you posted this) but I havent used it yet for my travels. Will recommend it to my mom. Thanks Dane!

  4. Wow. I’d love to try for our next travel adventure. I would totally tell my mom to read your blog too. This is so informative and I would definitely download the Traveloka App now. Thank you for sharing. You’re a really great help. Lots of love from Clarisse

    Instagram: @clarisse_styless

  5. My family is planning to go on vacation in either in Boracay or El Nido this Christmas 2017 and we are looking for a good deal where we can get big discounts with good service as well. I will suggest to them to try Traveloka. Thank you for your reliable review, looking forward to use Traveloka soon!

  6. For a hard-earner like me, every peso really counts. I am glad that there is Traveloka that will help us to spend our hard-earned money in a worthy way. Getting discounts is really good and I can’t wait to reward myself and treat my family to a vacation using Traveloka app. For sure they will be happy for a vacation treat and I too will need not to worry because of the savings that I can get from Traveloka.

  7. Ommo! I will recommend this to my friends who was planning to have their Educational Trip to Cebu! This would be a perfect Idea and opportunity so they can spend less and Enjoy more! Thank you for the Info Ate Dane – It was very very helpful!

  8. I already tried using Traveloka app! ^_^ Me and my friends love to travel to different places. I will highly recommend this also to my other friends.

  9. First heard of Traveloka from you Ate Dane. Hehehe. And yes I’ve tried the app, I booked our return flight and it was hassle-free, user-friendly and budget friendly. 😊

  10. Have not used Traveloka before because I havent been travelling for a while, but I heard a great deal of it and I’m really excited to try it this August! I’ll be going some places with my family and friends and I’ll be sure to recommend this <3 <3

  11. I really like that it makes booking tickets fun and sometimes challenging. I remember a time when my boyfriend and I were like fast and furious to get to Cebuana just to pay and avail of the discount.

  12. I am so glad that I’ve read your review about Traveloka because my sister is planning to visit Philippines next month and I just suggested it to her and to her husband about the great deals. And happy to say they already booked their flight and hotel accommodation through Traveloka with discounts. Isn’t amazing?! Hehehe. Anyway thank you Ms. Dane for the review it’s a big help for us.

  13. Me and my family members never booked any flight online kasi ang mahal mahal at ang hirap pa mag hanap ng promo. I believe Traveloka App will be a great help to the everyone who loves traveling. Will try this soon! Thank you!😍

  14. Yay!! What a nice app para sa mga mahilig mag travel.. you can book your ticket fast and easy with lots of discounts.. wow!!! Bongga ito!!

  15. I always thought that travelling is so expensive, thanks for sharing this budget friendly app! 😉

  16. My friends & I used this! Super convenient talaga niya! Though my friend is the one who used it, pero we are all amazed how easy it is to use plus may discounts pa. Good for those who travel na madamihan or barkada like us. Or even if nakabudget! 🙂

  17. Super thanks sa blog na ito, Every summer vacation kasi naming family hindi talaga ako nag papa book online sa any online travel agencies kasi ang sa akin kasi para maka mura at maka save. Pero sa review na ito parang na convince mo ako. Edodownload ko to now kasi by July mag vacation kasi kami sa Palawan with my sis inlaw. Thanks sa review.

  18. Wow! I’m so glad that I’m able to read your blog. I’ll highly recommend this to my relatives and friends. I’m also gonna tell my mom about this. I’ll download this app right after I type this comment. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this. Such a great help.

  19. Me and my friends loves travelling but we only have limited money so we always look for discounts from plane fare to hotels. Haven’t tried this app pa but maybe for our next trip this last week of June we would try this app 😊 Thanks for the tip Ate Dane 🤗

  20. So informative! This would be very much convenient especially for our family coz we really don’t want to spend thousands just to travel. After reading this I told my sister to download this app. Thanks to this blog!!

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