Tips on How To Find Your Budget Hotel For Your Next Staycation

From my last article, I shared about booking the cheapest flights using the Traveloka App. This time, I will be giving tips on how you can use the same app to find the best budget hotel for your next staycation.

Tip #1: Download the Traveloka App

You really should, and I mean it. Having the app installed on your phone makes it a lot 18685295_10208309514448986_846041551_neasier for you to access Traveloka. Not to mention, the in-app purchases are cheaper than the prices found on their website. More access plus more savings!

Tip #2: Turn on Price Alerts

The Price Alerts tab is found at the app’s home page. You can turn them on by adding flight or hotel information such as the destination, date, and such. This would let the app alert you of price discounts coming your way.  That means you won’t have to constantly check for discounts all the time.

Tip #3 Make Use of Traveloka App’s Hotel Info

When finding for the perfect budget hotel, there are two things to be considered. One, the price. Two, the hotel information.

For the photos featured, I chose Baguio City  for my destination. The Traveloka App lets you review the hotel’s main facilities. The rating and reviews are visible, and you will be able to see a map of your hotel location, along with the nearby landmarks.

The hotel description is also available. Scroll below and you will be able to compare the prices for every room available.


Tip #4 Mystery Deal Madness Hotel Discounts

I haven’t tried this option but it does offer decent discounts on hotels. The Mystery Deal features a list of 1 to 5 star hotels on undercover. The information that is given are only the room type, location, stay period (different for each hotel), and price. Once you have booked and made the final payment for the hotel, Traveloka then reveals the hotel name for you.


No harm in giving in to surprises. Who knows, you might book a 5 star hotel for the cheapest price.

Traveloka lets you choose from three (3) options for the payment method, online and offline.


For credit/debit card, you only need to fill in the card information. For Over-the-Counter method, I have only tried 7 Eleven. For this, you only need to show the information prompted on your screen to any 7 Eleven outlet and then pay.

I have yet to try the Online Banking method. Note that all three (3) payment methods are subject to 2h 24m waiting time only.



  • Traveloka has 24/7 local speaking customer service. You can contact them anytime for FAQ’s or other concerns.
  • They offer various and affordable promotions.
  • Traveloka supports a fast booking process.
  • They are always on trend. Every time there’s a national holiday or a special occasion, Traveloka makes sure to get you with the latest and cheapest deals.

Laus Deo

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