All Kinds of Art at Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Museum is a combination of various art, traditional to modern. I have been to museums but Pinto is different. The gallery is not found in just one building. Since all forms of art are made for exhibit, each kind is categorized according to its genre. If I remember correctly, there are about six (6) galleries all over the place.


It reminded me a bit of Santorini, Greece.

White pillars and buildings, lush gardens and fountains were over the place. Pinto Art Museum is a place for (mostly) the youth artists to share their thoughts in all kinds of art. Creations from recognized national artists are also found in the museum.

Thanks to my Papa, for taking this photo of me!

Not only paintings, but sculptures and handmade works are present. I like how our local artists brought innovation into creativity. I do not have the words to explain how they felt and looked like, and so I urge you, to visit Pinto Art Museum to experience it first-hand.

I’ll give you a little tour instead.DSCF0492DSCF0491

These are works of art made by national and local artists. For those who would want to bring souvenirs with them, they are mostly for sale. Heads up, the prices are a bit expensive, but assured that these would not only help artists earn, it can also support them in their passion.

Café Rizal exists since it would take visitors a half day at the most to tour the whole Museum. It’s a spacious place and has great ambiance too. The picture I shot might appear dim on the inside but the place has good lighting. The menu rate ranges from average to above average. I didn’t have the chance to try their food since it rained after we finished visiting all the art galleries. But I heard the food’s great! DSCF0498

This here, is a little garden dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera’s love. A narrative story of the pair’s love for each other was being played over the background.

“You can write any kind of letter, pour all your heart out, and stay anonymous.”

There was a small table at the corner titled “The Undelivered Project“, where a pile of letters were stacked. On the counter top was a memo telling that you can write any kind of letter, pour all your heart out, place it inside the cabinet, and remain anonymous. With a few stationary papers and a pen, you are instructed to write freely to the one you love, had loved, and lost. All letters are to remain unread.DSCF0497

Love is art.

There was this secluded room that caught my attention, it said something like “Please always keep this door closed. This room is not for minors.” So I went inside and found people looking at suggestive art, the kind that are not suitable to young eyes. I was taken aback by how the paintings and sculptures were rather revealing. I didn’t mind that much, besides, love is still art.DSCF0520DSCF0519



I guarantee every tour to Pinto Art Museum is worthwhile. I’ve jot down a few reasons why you should give it a visit. Let’s start with—

Head to Pinto if you…

-Don’t have the moolahs to visit Santorini, Greece.

-Appreciate art and museums, of course.

-Need to get away for some alone time.

-Want to fill your Instagram feed with blogger shots.

-Feel like taking in a lot of emotions in one day.

-Want to get inspirational ideas for your soon to be abode.

-Are planning for a date with long talks of feels.

We were not able to tour every corner of the Museum but we had enough to get an idea of what the place meant.DSCF0529


  • Regular Fee or Adults- P200
  • Kids and Students (with valid ID’s)- P100
  • Senior Citizens or PWD’s- P180

Children below 3 years old are free of entrance.


I won’t be able to be much of a help here since we went there via private vehicle and we used Waze. To keep you on track, you’ll know you’re nearing Pinto Art Museum if you’ll happen to pass by a wall of sunflower paintings. Right side going to the destination.

The museum is located at the entrance of Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. Those with private vehicles will be asked to pay an entrance fee of P20. You can park at the area road near the museum.DSCF0522Have you been to Pinto Art Museum? Got questions? Write down below.

Laus Deo

Facebook: Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum, 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

Tuesday-Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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