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I am not much of a drinker and neither do I like ale. But I learned to recognize the merit when it comes to brewing when I went to Cebu City and blogged about a well-known brewery uptown.

The tapping chemistry demands to be studied and mastered — and while we’re all mindful that it is indeed a complex thing, a group of brothers from Iligan took the time to master the craft of brewing. Hence, the birth of Fat Pauly’s Hand-crafted Ales & Lagers.


Fat Pauly’s is Mindanao’s first and only independent beer brand.


Fat Pauly’s beers are made out of 4 ingredients: water, a starch source, hops, and yeast. 92% of the water in their drinks are sourced from Iligan City’s very own Timoga Springs. Their core flagship brews are known as: Iligan, Ilaya, Lumad, Sultan, and Diwata. There’s also Filemon, Kundiman, Hefeweizen, Santelmo, and their best seller, Radler.



I only had a sip of each, and with the help from my company of few good men, we narrowed down the selections to a few favorites, depending on preference.

Of course, we thought everything tasted good. However, if a much stronger taste is what you’re looking for, we suggest you go for Ilaya. For a lighter, more refreshing taste, go for Diwata. We all thought the Santelmo and Sultan were good choices to try if ‘something new’ is on your list. Santelmo had hints of chocolate in it while Sultan had actual Maranag Arabica.


The Radler was our favorite. It didn’t seem like drinking the usual ale since it felt like having sparkling calamansi soda. It’s also very low in ABV (Alcohol by Average) so, yay!



They also got a few selections of hors d’oeuvres. We had the Fatter Platter (best with the ales & lagers), almost everything on the plate was homemade by family business itself, the Delisario Artisanal Charcuterie. They made the sausages and meat on the platter: bacon, wild boar sausage, cabanossi sausage, blanca sausage and the beef pastrami. The nachos were good, be careful with the jalapenos though.DSCF0034


I loved the pub’s retro theme. You can even rent board games for P20/hour. There’s also a trumpet horn turntable that plays the most lovely and classic music.

“The pub has always been a goal— a dream.” –Paul “Pauly” Stuart del Rosario

It seemed like a place you’d want to hang out in often, somewhere you can exchange a good talk over a nice drink — and those are just a few of the reasons why Fat Pauly’s is not your ordinary pub.



Here are the pub event schedules for Fat Pauly’s:

  • Monday Blues: open jam with a featured local band
  • Tuesdays: Pub Quiz (my favorite! I recommend this if you’re looking to have a great night out with friends)
  • Wednesdays: Pag may alak, may balak, featuring traditional visayan mambabalaks
  • Thursdays: brick wall stand up comedy
  • Sundays: Sunday barbecue
  1. From city proper, ride a 6A jeepney. Tip: they’re colored red. Pay P6.00 for SP, P7.00 for regulars.
  2. A few meters after Iligan City’s City Hospital, drop yourself off at the intersection. Head right towards the parking area and you’ve arrived.

Laus Deo

Fat Pauly’s Handcrafted Ales & Lagers

Pala-o, Iligan City

Facebook / Instagram: @fatpaulys


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