Au Revoir, Lovey Doggy!

I visited my dream cafe on their closing date.

But I’m still blogging this because hey, doggos!


Lovey Doggy was Cebu City’s first and only dog cafe. Home to many dog breeds such as: siberian husky, pug, beagle, french bulldog, corgi, and others. Unfortunately, the cafe has closed it’s doors last September 30, 2017. Information told us that after a year and 2 months, the owners were finding it difficult to manage the cafe. Hence, the closing.

However, on the cafe’s Facebook post it said it will definitely not be the Lovey Doggy’s final goodbye. I was informed they’re not looking to re-open this year, we’re hoping next year then, maybe? Let’s keep our hopes up!

Simba the fluffy Chow Chow
This is me with Wolverine the Pomeranian.

I still visited the cafe in hopes of finding pupper doggos to give belly rubs and kisses. Unfortunately, there were only two of them left.  We were informed that the others were sold for re-homing. I do wish I could have visited the cafe earlier.

We met Wolverine and Simba. They seemed good friends.


We ordered two different drinks. Job’s Tears Frappe and a Tutti Frutti Smoothie. The Job’s Tears rang my curiosity considering its relation to Biblical background and yet, it did taste good! I believe it had soy and milk in it. The Tutti Frutti’s flavor I liked, a refreshing candy flavor and mildly sweet.


The last day was jam-packed with dog lovers who will surely miss the pupper gang from Lovey Doggy! We thank you for the pupper gang, for cheering us up and showering your cuteness on bad days. Au revoir, Lovey Doggy! Until we meet again.


Laus Deo

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