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From what I remember, the last trek I had was September of 2016. Back then, I had academics and a few necessary travels, so I made it a goal to get back on track this year. This time I went a little too extra. Somewhere away from my hometown.

 Panimahawa Ridge is notably known for its luminous skies at night and its sea of clouds at day. The mountain ridge is located at Campground Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, Philippines.

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There’s a hill at the far left area of the ridge called Lovers Lane. Legend says when a pair meets at the hill they are bound to end up together.

A few meters before reaching Panimahawa Ridge, you are asked to leave a one Philippine peso coin in a bowl beside a tree, few steps left on the road. It’s a ritual they require for those who visit the mountain ridge.

Panimahawa came from the bisaya word “pamahaw”, which is breakfast in English.

balut vendor might sell at the ridge. He sells it for twenty Philippine pesos. Do try, I’d say it was an 8/10.

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The hike would take up to 2 to 3 hours, depending on the pace.

A hanging bridge, a river stream, and a few rock formations will be the stops during the hike. Most of the time the trail’s more uphill than downhill. The hike’s more challenging if it’s done during or after rain time. I do recommend wearing hiking sandals just in case of a muddy course.  My advice, please check for good weather.

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In Panimahawa Ridge, daytime is as equally beautiful at nighttime.

Although, I might say I prefer nighttime. Stargazing is perfect at Panimahawa Ridge. The sky is literally full of stars. Astrophotography is something you can also make do. The sky is well illuminated at hours 1-2AM. I wasn’t able to do so since the weather wasn’t doing great.

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Normally, hiking in the Philippines is best done during summer season and that’s between April-May. However, travelers may still visit Panimahawa Ridge anytime of the year (better avoid ber  months), given that weather check has been done.

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A camp at Panimahawa Ridge is a reviving experience if you desire a break from the city hustle. I’m expecting for a second visit soon, as I am sure Panimahawa Ridge earned it.

I want to share my experience willfully enough that I prepared an itinerary from our 2-day trip. I included a budget guide, a list of things to bring, and some tips too.

Note*: We went to Lake Apo in Valencia, Bukidnon the second day. Budget for home bound activities may not be included but you can backtrack, it’s equally the same.

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  • Be waterproof ready. Pack your things using cellophane/zip locks.
  • Bring packed meals or canned goods. Make sure to check on what meal times you’ll be camping.
  • Travel light. It won’t be easy hiking with a heavy load.
  • Be responsible of your trash.
  • There are no comfort rooms at the ridge. Potty breaks may be done inside the tent(using cellophane) or somewhere outside the tent.
  • Look out for fireflies and shooting stars at night!
  • Try camping at one of the highest peaks, the view is better.
  • Don’t always leave your tent open. Beware of bugs.
  • It might get foggy at night.
  • Bring lots of wet tissues, they will be your best friends.

Sir Bob is someone who can organize your hike from the Ant Farm-Panimahawa Ridge: 0997 801 3135

I hope this will help you out with your next trip to Panimahawa Ridge!

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