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Before I start sharing about Lake Apo. I need to apologise for the month long hiatus.

I have been really busy with the adult life lately.

I just started working last February 19, 2018. (Praise the Lord for that!) It’s the job I have been praying and patiently waiting for the past seven (7) months before my starting date. The Lord has been gracious to me.

I’m still adjusting to the daily grind of a typical millennial adult. But by God’s grace, I’m doing a-okay. To those of you have been with me since day 1 of my blog, you might notice I don’t always talk about my faith, but I believe this (short) testimonial deserves to be shared.

So much about my life experience. Let’s talk about Lake Apo.

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We went to Lake Apo right after our trek to Panimahawa Ridge. It was 2 hours away from Baranggay Impasug-ong. We rented a van so I couldn’t help out with the directions, and I slept during the ride.
Lake Apo is situated at Valencia City, Bukidnon. There are two sides to the place, where you enter and where you relax. You need a “balsa” or a floating cottage to have access to both sides.
Someone from the resort will do the rope pulling to transport the balsa, but you can help, it would be a good experience.
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On the other side of Lake Apo is “D’ Timeless Place Resort”. It’s a famous retreat destination for the people of Mindanao. Most travellers visit here to relax or to unwind.

D’ Timeless Place is ideal for family outings. It’s peaceful and safe like a haven.

whentogoI might say Lake Apo is best when under the heat of the sun, maybe summertime. But if you’re planning on the ber month/holidays, might wanna double check on the weather.


You can swim at the lake, life vests are available for rent.

The man who takes care of the horses is good at taking pictures! Lend him your camera when you go horseback riding. He knows where the instagrammable spots are.

The place and the view is ideal for yoga sessions.

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If you want more info on the resort, you may contact Ma’am Belen via +63 929 268 3791.

  • 3,500/ day activity ( good for 15 persons, 200 per excess person, drivers are free of charge)
  • 1,100/pax overnight stay (minimum of 10 persons)


  • Breakfast
  • Floating Cottage
  • Canoe
  • Kayak Pedal
  • Horseback Riding

Other Amenities:

  • Rooms with bunk beds
  • Patio beside the lake
  • Swimming Pool
  • Ranch

For the van rental, please contact owner Dr. Erlyn Linawagan and look for “Bon-Bon” at +63 936 451 8863 4500. It’s P4,500/day (good for 15 persons) from Impasug-ong to Lake Apo to Cagayan de Oro.

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